Hospitality isn’t just a business, it’s our business

Columbus Hospitality Management was born in 1998 from a desire to build a company that does the simple things well and lets success follow – a company run by hospitality people who understand business. After more than two decades of business, our core team still puts guests first and goes with its instincts.

Charles Lagarce
President & Founder

“I have the privilege to lead the finest group of hospitality professionals and together we have the pleasure of successfully serving thousands of guests every year.”

Kathyrn Burton
Chief Operating Officer

“I love having the opportunity to make a difference every day in the life of a guest or an associate. It’s truly our people who breathe the life into all of the assets we manage.”

Robert Kot
Chief Financial Officer

“My favorite aspect of working in hospitality is doing my part to help our guests have great events and experiences that lead to great memories.”

Jessica Barwell
Legal Counsel

“Between friends there is no need for justice, for everyone else, we must seek justice over injustice.”

Tara Casey
Vice President of Human Resources

“My experiences within the hospitality industry combined with my belief in people, their talents, understanding how they grow, develop, and work well together, has been the most rewarding.”

Ryker Brown
Director of Culinary, Food & Beverage

“I am grateful to be in the hospitality industry where I have the opportunity to serve our guests and our associates. My goal is to build up others and surround myself with great people.”

Nicole Adams-Fleisher
Director of Finance

“To me the key to Hospitality is collaboration. It takes all of us to make the cohesive dynamic to give the guest the optimal hospitable experience. I am honored to work with a team that does all of that.”

John Mueller
Sr. Project & IT Resources Manager

“For me, hospitality has always been about providing outstanding service to guests and receiving joy from exceeding expectations. There are a great variety of tasks in any given day that help keep the job fresh.”

Kristin McFarland
Project Manager

“My favorite aspect of hospitality is anticipating every need of a guest, teammate and client, and working every day to exceed those needs and expectations.”

Amy Higgins
Payroll & Benefits Manager

“My favorite part of hospitality is the ability to be involved in making a difference in so many people’s lives. Whether that be our internal or external guests, building those relationships are such a rewarding experience.”

Holly Draughn
Hospitality Support Manager

“True hospitality to me is giving the best of yourself to your associates and guests. Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

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