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Our hospitality management services deliver customized, flexible, professional, and experienced solutions to your unique business endeavor.

Our services include full-service management, asset management, consulting and troubled asset services for hospitality-related businesses. Our diverse portfolio and innovative leadership allow us to provide mixed-use developers and owners of multiple or specialized hospitality assets with a single, dedicated management company. We offer:

Human Resources

From interns to seasoned professionals, we bring with us the industry’s best and brightest. Our leaders value integrity, community, motivation, and forward thinking and will work to bring the vision of your asset to fruition.

Sales Management

Our sales leaders not only drive results, but they have fun catching leads and closing business. Our teams are engaged, and stay abreast of current trends, markets, and research. We continually invest in our sales managers through ongoing workshops, mentorships, and professional development. They will turn over stones of all shapes and sizes to ensure your business is a success.

Revenue Management

Managing a variety of brands allows us to gather best practices and initiate innovative strategies at all of our assets, which in turn result in higher revenues. We develop sound yield-management programs and work together with property owners to ensure that the strategies reflect current market conditions to achieve consistent market growth.

Guest Services

Because we take care of our people, our people take care of our guests. We know there is always someplace else our guests can go for their overnight, dining, or event needs. We do not provide our competition with those opportunities. Our guest services team members are second to none. Every guest who walks through our doors is treated with respect and kindness. We pride ourselves on our guest services training programs to ensure every person visiting our locations leaves with a memorable experience and an intent to return.


Our goal is to provide top-notch marketing of your business. We begin with an in-depth analysis of the market and develop a plan to best position your asset to achieve a long-term, strategic, and competitive advantage. We manage every aspect of marketing implementation, including maximizing various advertising channels, brand standards, and analytics. We understand the trends, so your business is trending.


We prefer to refer to accounting as ‘accountability.’ With exceptional transparency, we provide beneficial information to both managers and owners. We employ highly experienced accounting professionals and manage our technology to allow us to effectively manage the fiscal side of your business.


Hands-on management is our management. Our managers know our guests, and our guests know our managers. Our operations teams roll-up their sleeves and work side by side with our associates every day. Our individualized approach at managing your asset offers protection, improved efficiencies, and cost reduction. Our teams operate at their very best so your business may operate at its very best.


At Columbus Hospitality Management we understand technology is tantamount to success. We utilize the best systems in the hospitality market to stay ahead of the curve. Our businesses are dependent upon technology for daily operations, so it is our job to ensure we understand and use our Property Management Systems, Custer Relationship Management Systems, Operating Systems, Point of Sales Systems, and many others to their full potential. Doing so allows us to minimize our costs and maximize our efficiencies.

Design & Procurement

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