Breaking Ground with Hyatt Place Columbus/OSU

A little history

Located on the former Big Bear Warehouse site, Grandview Yard is a multi-year, multi-use development project that features a hotel, restaurants, office space, retail and residential units. Nationwide Realty Investors set out to revitalize Grandview through development of Grandview Yard with several phases over 10-15 years, and Hyatt Place Columbus/OSU was the first out of the ground.

The challenge

When you give yourself 11 months to go from construction to grand opening, faster than nearly any other hotel in the brand… you’re busy. That was what we were up against when Hyatt Place Columbus/OSU was given the go-ahead: opening our doors on Sept. 1, 2010, complete with a highly trained and efficient team, in a competitive market. Easy, right?

The beauty of Columbus Hospitality is that we had a built-in talent pool to begin building our team at Hyatt Place Columbus/OSU. Dedicated, up-and-coming hospitality professionals within our organization laid the foundation for our staff: the General Manager, Assistant General Manager and Sales Coordinator all joined the Hyatt Place opening team from other Columbus Hospitality assets.

At Hyatt Place Columbus/OSU, efficiency is the name of the game and every team member is prepared to check in a guest, pour a drink, serve incredible food and work in catering.

The payoff

We recognized from the start that we were the new kids on the block. Starting out with a solid team and an aggressive marketing effort gave us the push we needed to hit the ground running.

In the end, not only did doors open on the first of September, but Hyatt Place Columbus/OSU reached 100 percent of its market share in the first four months – ahead of the brand average. Hyatt Place Columbus/OSU can also boast an 18 percent increase in room revenue since 2011 – the first full year of having our doors open – and Guest Overall Satisfaction scores 15 percent above the brand average.

Only the combination of incomparable leadership and superior staffing could have made such an impact right out of the gate. With each year that passes, not only do we still have a team that embodies the warmth of hospitality, but revenue and success that speaks for itself.

Karan Arora
Karan Arora – Assistant General Manager, Hyatt Place Columbus/OSU

Karan enjoys going to work everyday because he gets to do what he loves most: take care of people. Karan’s passion has given him the opportunity to work many different jobs at many of Columbus Hospitality Management’s different properties, each one a new learning experience.