Serving Up Smiles

Serving Up Smiles

Serving up smiles

If you have dined at Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center in the last 27 years, chances are that you have seen Shane O’Neill in the Ohio Dining Room serving up smiles. Shane started at Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center as a busser in 1989 and is currently a server assisting guests who are enjoying breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Shane is friendly, hardworking, and reliable. He excels at his job and is often the first person called if a coworker needs a shift covered.

If asked what his favorite thing is about his job, Shane vehemently responds with, “People! I love my co-workers, my bosses, serving the guests. All the people are so nice!” Shane loves the people at Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center so much that when he moved to Florida with his family in 2004, he moved back within 6 months on his own to rejoin the team.

serving up smilesWhen asked if there was another position or department he might like to try in the hotel or conference center, Shane initially responded “no,” but after a minute, said he might enjoy setting up meeting rooms. He also mentioned, serving weddings and banquets would be, “pretty cool too.”

In his free time, Shane has been practicing karate for 20 years. He recently became a blue belt and assists with the children’s classes twice a week. Shane is also a huge Spiderman fan and a cat lover, with a cat at home named Frosty.

In all the years since Shane started working at Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center, many things have changed: renovations, new buildings, staffing changes, even the name of the property. Throughout it all, Shane has been greeting guests and colleagues alike; serving up smiles, a warm hello, and excellent service. Stop by the Ohio Dining Room next time you are visiting Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center to say hello to Shane!